Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Ideas Community Guidelines

Please be yourself. Set the display name of your profile to identify your first name and your firm.

Example: John - Parnes, Velano, Martinez CPA

Follow the Code of Conduct. Use this forum for suggestions only. This is not a place for support questions or social networking. Posts that do not meet the code of conduct will be removed. Participation in this community is a privilege, not a right. Protect it.

Remember to vote! You have the ability to agree or disagree with any idea in the Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Ideas community. Use your votes to increase the visibility of the ideas that are most important to you.

Keep your expectations reasonable. We formed this community because we care about your needs and want to serve you by implementing the most relevant features. We work diligently to provide new features, product stability, performance improvements, and general enhancements. This is a delicate balancing act so please understand that sometimes even great ideas have to wait until a later day. Be assured that we are listening and that sometimes there will be good reasons for us to decline to implement a popular idea. We will do our best to incorporate your feedback and deliver the best possible set of features to the community in each new release. Be patient and enjoy the process of participating in the evolution of your product.

This is a valuable way to interact with our Development Team. Take advantage of your opportunity to help make this partnership of listening and feedback a success.

Take responsibility for your ideas community. While the development team will moderate and provide feedback from time to time, the majority of activity will come from you:

  1. Adding new ideas and commenting on existing ideas
  2. Voting to support ideas that are important to you
  3. Building consensus in the community when possible
  4. Avoiding duplicate idea entry and flagging duplicates for consolidation
  5. Flagging ideas that do not meet the Code of Conduct

Succeed through consensus. Make your case for why an idea would be helpful. Build support in the community to get votes and earn a reputation as a professional contributor to product development.

Code of Conduct

Be professional. Treat this moderated forum like a business environment with your clients. This is not a place to complain but rather to constructively build upon the tools you have come to trust. We also provide the ARNE Community, a forum where you can network with other Accountants and discuss any topic in whatever way you would like. The ARNE Community is a separate environment from the Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Ideas community and is available from the CS Professional Suite website.

Obey the rules. Participation in this community is a privilege. Avoid the following:

  • Insults directed toward another member of the community or Thomson Reuters staff
  • Foul language or implied foul language
  • Typing in ALL CAPS ("shouting" in the online world)
  • Posts that are off topic or belong on another forum

Be clear. Here are some tips for writing a successful suggestion:

  • Search to see whether your idea already exists so that you can concentrate votes
  • Keep the title of your idea short and specific
  • Take the time to be clear and use proper punctuation and spelling
  • Be specific about the context and processes that your suggestion would improve
  • Try not to combine multiple suggestions into one idea

About the Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Ideas Community

The Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Ideas community is a place for CS Professional Suite software users and the product development staff to constructively build the foundation for tomorrow's software and services. Come with your ideas, votes, and comments and participate at whatever level you choose. Together as partners we can continue to enhance the software you use on a daily basis to make your firm more productive. This is a moderated environment geared toward professional software design. We will sit down with you as your technology partner and listen. From time to time we will provide feedback about ideas that are submitted and let you know how we plan to incorporate your feedback into future product enhancements. Mostly, we will be listening to the community and learning what ideas are most important to you through your votes and comments.

Enjoy the opportunity to play a role in the future of the software you use every day.

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